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Chain of Custody Policy

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation (HSPP Corp) is committed to environmentally sound business practices.  To this end, HSPP Corp has established a Chain of Custody (CoC) & Controlled Wood System that provides a linkage between certified forests and the raw material we use in our manufacturing process.


We are able to provide the assurance to our customers that we will:


·         Track the country and district of origin of our fibre sources.

·         Track and record the volume of certified fibre from forests certified by:


§  Canadian Standards Association Sustainable Forest Management (CAN/CSA-Z809)

§  Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI)

§  Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)


·         Track and record the volume of non-certified fibre and ensure that best efforts are implemented to avoid trading and sourcing controversial wood fibre.   This means that all wood fibre:

§  Originates from a legal and authorized source.

§  Is harvested with consideration to traditional or civil rights.

§  Is harvested with regard to relevant safety and labour regulations relating to forest workers.

§  Is not harvested from high conservation value forests.

§  Does not originate from forests being converted to non-forest use, nor from forests containing genetically modifies trees.

§  Contains only those arboreal species not classified as endangered by CITES, nor originating from countries with sanctions on forest based products.


·         Maintain a Management System for the tracking of the fibre, including annual audits and management reviews to ensure the controls and documentation are effective and maintained.


·         Ensure our business practices meet Provincial and Federal requirements for health & safety and also the International Labour Organization’s Core Conventions for labour standards.


·         Communicate information to our customers regarding the Chain of Custody and certified fibre used in our manufacturing process.






Alan Scalet

General Manager

May 2019




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