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Great Bear RAinForest

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation (HSPP) is committed to the environment.  HSPP together with Catalyst Paper, International Forest Products, Western Forest Products and BC Timber sales have joined together in a group called Coast Forest Conservation Initiative (CFCI).

The five participants in the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative (CFCI) are committed to development of a conservation plan for forests within a region of British Columbia encompassing the Central Coast, North Coast and Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands.

To achieve their objectives, CFCI participants are working with three environmental groups on a unique undertaking called the Joint Solutions Project (JSP). The purpose of the Joint Solutions Project is to generate new solutions to old conflicts over coastal temperate rainforests.

The Joint Solutions Project (JSP) is a collaboration between forest products producers and environmental groups focused on developing and implementing a model for conservation and management of globally significant coastal forests that fully integrates social, economic and ecological factors . It began as an alliance between a group of forest products producers and environmental groups interested in exploring ways to end the market-based conflict between them over the forests in this area involved in implementing the consensus land use agreements for the Central and North Coast region of British Columbia– referred to as the “Great Bear Rainforest”.


Map of "Great Bear Rainforest"

Great Bear Rainforest Partnership

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