1.      HSPP is committed to Sustainable Fibre sourcing and tracking certified Forests from harvest through to our final customers using our Chain-of-Custody system.

2.      HSPP purchases wood fibre from waste or by-products of the logging and sawmilling industries.

3.      HSPP strives to ensure the originating sources of procured fibre are from sustainably managed forests.

4.      HSPP favours suppliers who have forest practices independently certified to recognized international standards.

5.      HSPP promotes responsible forestry by sharing management and stewardship best practices when buying fibre from lands not certified.

6.      HSPP encourages and supports the ongoing review of forest practices to make informed decisions regarding the purchase of forest resources.

7.      HSPP contributes and supports local organizations and committees that work to improve forest management and biological diversity on lands both certified and uncertified.

8.      HSPP complies with all applicable local forestry and environmental laws and regulations.

9.      HSPP procured timber does not originate from controversial sources, ensuring all wood fibre:

·     Is harvested from a known forest region.

·     Originates from a legal and authorized source.

·     Is harvested with consideration to traditional or civil rights.

·     Is harvested with regard to relevant safety and labour regulations relating to forest workers.

·     Is not harvested from high conservation value forests.

·   Neither originates from forests being converted to non-forest use, nor from forests containing genetically modified trees.

·     Contains only those arboreal species not classified as endangered by CITES.

·     Does not originate from forests where activities violate legislation respecting biodiversity and sustainable forestry practices.




Our fibre supply originates from British Columbia, Canada and Washington or Oregon, U.S.A. These locations maintain a high percentage of North America’s certified sustainably managed forests. All fibre procured originates from lands and private lands subjected to laws and regulations for the protection of all forestry resources.


We are certified to track sustainable forest products from the source through the manufacturing process and provide certified products to our customers.  To ensure fibre sourcing from responsible sources, HSPPC requires direct suppliers and landowners supply raw material that meets the requirements of our Wood Procurement Policy.