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Fibre Supply

Our quality pulp and newsprint products begin with the best natural resources - wood fibre harvested from BC's sustainably managed commercial softwood forests.


Our chip suppliers provide a reliable flow of high-quality chips made as a by-product from BC’s sawmilling industry. The best quality logs are used by the sawmills and we procure all the trim and waste products.  Also, those logs not suitable for higher-value products, are procured and made into chips at one of our chippers.

Forest practice regulations in BC and Canada are among the most stringent in the world, demonstrating leadership in forestry policy regulation, which creates high level of sustainably managed certified forests.  We track those certifications using our Chain of Custody system and pass credits on with our products.  Buyers can be confident they are making the right choice for the environment by choosing forest products from BC.

BC’s forests are managed in a fully sustainable manner, with mandatory reforestation. Soon after public land is logged, it must be replanted with native species suited to the local ecological conditions. BC’s forests cover 60 million hectares—an area larger than France. Less than one percent of the province’s forests are logged each year.

At Howe Sound, we take responsibility for the role we are playing in managing BC’s forests. Our Sustainability program and modern, efficient mill processes help ensure that BC’s forests are protected for future generations.

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