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Kraft Pulp

Clean, Bright, and Strong


Combining high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment, our kraft pulps are clean, bright, strong, and environmentally sound.

Our specialty pulps offer premium reinforcing abilities that are greatly valued by our customers. It is our ability to accurately blend a variety of different softwood fibres, according to our customersí needs, that distinguishes us from other mills.

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper produces five distinctive kraft pulp varieties. Each variety has been carefully formulated to match papermakersí needs for strength, cleanliness, and brightness.

Howe Soundís cedar kraft pulp blends are the preferred product of manufacturers looking for a light, fine, soft and smooth tissue fibre with excellent wet-strength and low porosity. In contrast, Howe Soundís Douglas fir kraft pulp blend has a more open weave, making it a good fit for manufacturers looking for a courser fibre with excellent drainage characteristics.

Throughout the kraft process, the quality of our pulps is closely monitored. At Howe Sound we exceed our customersí expectations for pulp cleanliness. All of our pulps are produced using oxygen delignification and molecular chlorine-free bleaching methods. This makes them the most environmentally-friendly products of their kind in the world.

Howe Soundís quality and environment management systems are registered to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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