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superior run ability and uniformity

Our product expertise and superior technology make us one of the highest quality paper manufacturers in North America.

Our customers regularly rate Howe Sound Pulp and Paper as a preferred paper supplier. You can expect our paper to stand up to the demands of higher printing-press speeds and the increased use of colour in todayís newspapers and directories. Howe Sound paper has outstanding run ability, making us a top performer in the pressroom.

Our Metso paper machine can produce over 230,000 tonnes per year of mechanical printing papers.

Howe Sound paper grades are designed specifically for our customersí pressroom requirements.  A rigorous quality-control process allows us to track all of the details of your productís manufacture, right back to the chips selected.

Howe Soundís paper machine was designed to meet demanding Japanese newsprint standards in newsprint manufacture. This capability allows us to meet the expectations of our world-wide customers.

Howe Soundís quality and environment management systems are registered to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Paper ISO 9001 Registration Certificate

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