Our Vision

We will be a world leader in delivering outstanding quality pulp and paper products that make our customers successful.

We will excel in quality, employee safety, productivity, and environmental protection.

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper is one of the finest, most efficient kraft pulp and renewal power producers in the world. We invite you to share in our past accomplishments and future success.

We are proud of our place in history—the original Port Mellon mill produced BC’s first wood-fibre based paper in 1909. Since then the mill has continued to distinguish itself by investing in new technologies as they became available. A $1.3 billion modernization and expansion project in the 1990s established Howe Sound as a North American leader in kraft pulp manufacture.  Our new ownership, Paper Excellence continues to invest in Howe Sound to ensure it will remain a long-term, competitive supplier to our customers.

Over the last 100 years Howe Sound has grown with the Sunshine Coast community, building a solid reputation for product excellence and ecological stewardship, and contributing to the social fabric of the entire region. Customers regularly rank us as their preferred supplier of fine kraft pulp and quality newsprint—a fact we are proud of but do not take for granted. Our reputation is built one customer at a time, and we look forward to a bright future of contributing to each and every one of our customers’ success stories.

community roots for a century

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